If you don’t play a brass instrument then don’t worry! We still very much welcome your support as a Friend of the Band.

Friends receive many great benefits, and supports brass banding in our local community.

Friends of the Band:

It costs just £15 to become a Friend. By paying this, members will:

  • Receive a regular newsletter detailing Band and its activities
  • Be entered into our prize draws that run throughout the year to win £50-00
  • Be entered into a bonus ball scheme that is drawn in December.
  • Receive preferential entry to our concerts as well as a concert dedicated to all our Friends.

Where does the registration fee go?

Running costs include music, upkeep and replacement of instruments, uniforms, conductor’s fees and transport. To do this we need the help of all our friends and supporters.

All proceeds from the Friends of the band scheme are shared between the two Bands.

How to sign up

To sign up as a Friend, please get in contact and we will send you a membership form:

Steve Keightly 07852 658677 (Senior Band)

Andrew Wood 07887 858982 (Brass Youth & Brass Roots)

The annual membership is £15-00 and may be paid in one lump sum or by installments throughout the year.